Saturday, June 17, 2017

Yung naka comatose, nag speech

Thinking Pinoy had a comment regarding an issue. He said that he was able to watch President Duterte delivered a speech a while ago.

"Kayong lahat mahal ko kayo" this is what the President said to the soldiers. Also there would be an allotment of  50 billion trust fund for the soldiers, wherein part of it would be used for money market and the earnings would be used for the education of the children of the soldiers.

The President hopes that  by the end of his term he would be able to complete the said amount. "Dapat masipag mag aral ang mga bata."Thinking Pinoy  said "Yung naka comatose, nag speech". This proves that the president is strong and was  not in any state of comatose in the past few days as to what other people claimed.    

Some false news that circulated is that the  President Duterte was comatose, and it seemed impossible because he was able to make a speech a while ago.


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