Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sen. Bam Aquino believes martial law is only a short term solution to the problem in Mindanao.

Senator Bam Aquino was at a briefing together with his fellow Senators,  other officials, General Mison , Secretary Lorenzana, Secretary Esperon and some of their colleagues were present.

In the briefing Senator Aquino said that they didn't promise the separation of martial law will follow the 1987 constitution. In his opinion, Senator Aquino said that he wanted to hear that there will be no abuses.

Senator Aquino said "A lot of the things that they are doing now, they can also do even without the declaration of martial law."

Aquino also said "For me, martial law is a short term solution."

"Tapusin nayan when its get back to normal  when our Armed Forces declared that the area is cleared, it should be lifted, then the long term solution should come in."

Aquino cited long term solution, education, jobs , investments these are needed to be the  area so that the people has alternatives.

The Senator also said that some of the terrorist are all young people that are in they 20's. He also said that they are on the side of the enemies because they don't have opportunities.

Watch the video here:

source: ANC


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