Thursday, June 1, 2017

Jim Paredes Nagsalita na... fake news daw ang recent issue against him

Jim Paredes clarified that the recent issue about him was fake news. There was a widely spread issue that circulated that Jim Paredes "name-called" the people of Mindanao "taong bundok". He said that its fake news and its not his Facebook account.

Jim Paredes was victimized by fake news. Its impossible for him to say bad things about people from Mindanao mainly because personally his mom is from that Region and he has a lot of relatives and friends there. He even performed in Marawi.

Jim parades said that "I'm a  Pro democracy person", dati pa matagal na in any democracy naniwala ako na there's room for opposition, there's room for discussion, there's room for criticism and there's room for compromise.


Source: facebook


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